YCB specializes in helping women accelerate their job search and land interviews 3x faster!

About Us

Pull up a seat and allow me to share a bit more about myself!
My name is Ayanna, and I'm the founder of Your Career Bar. I am an HR professional with years of experience as a Talent Acquisition Specialist, HR Generalist, and most recently, as a Certified Career Coach. I also have years of experience being on the other side of the fence as a job seeker applying to a ton of positions, while working and juggling motherhood. So trust me, I get it and I get you! ;)
Your Career Bar is a career coaching platform that specializes in helping professional women accelerate their job search and land interviews 3 x faster. I specialize in results. My goal is that every client of mine is able to land the right job…fast. I believe job search happiness has a direct correlation to your overall happiness and career success. It can also be an emotionally frustrating process, hence my emphasis on self-care during your job search. Yes, it’s a thing! 
YCB’s Vision: To help as many women as possible land the right job, increasing their overall happiness and quality of life. 
YCB’s Mission: I will accomplish this by providing a total coaching experience by educating my clients on strategic ways to leverage their skill-sets and bridging the gap between self-care and job searching, by providing excellent and effective coaching services and products. 
After working with YCB, my hope is that you feel well cared for, understood, and empowered to conquer your job search and get results! 
All I ask is that you keep me posted on your wins and pics from your first much-needed vacation that you book. ;)
One of my clients dubbed me “the therapist of the career world” - although I am NOT a therapist, this definitely sums up my approach.
I look forward to working with you and providing an exceptional coaching experience that you won't forget!
Your New Favorite Career Coach.